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1. Always show respect to your peers and instructors. Please treat everyone with courtesy.

2. All students share the responsibility of keeping WāhiBJJ safe and clean.

3. Please do not arrive late to class or leave early without obtaining permission first.

4. Class begins with students lining up in descending rank, highest on the right.

5. Students must remain quiet and attentive in class and not engage in idle chatter, especially when

the Professor is demonstrating a technique.

6. Students must wear a clean, odor-free uniform in good repair at all times in the correct manner.

(WāhiBJJ has the right to deny training if a student's Gi is unsanitary)

7. Students must wear a complete Gi, both jacket and pants when training in Gi Class.

8. No-Gi classes require appropriate uniform (rashguard or t-shirt and shorts or Gi pants)

9. No student is allowed on the mat area in street attire during class.

10. No hats, outdoor shoes, or jewelry are allowed on the mat area. There are storage cubicles

provided for these. (WāhiBJJ is not responsible for lost or stolen items)

11. All students must maintain good personal hygiene as Jiu-Jitsu is a close contact art.

12. All students are required to report any injury. health, or skin condition to their instructor prior to

class. Any skin condition should be immediately be addressed to the instructor before class

13. Keep Fingers and Toenails short for everyone’s safety.

14. No obscene language or ill tempered behavior is allowed inside WāhiBJJ. Control your temper

at all times while training.


Martial Arts should only be used to protect yourself and others.

Some Good Advice

● Train to the best of your ability and maximum effort.

● Attend classes regularly.

● Always demonstrate good behavior and correct etiquette.

● Listen to your instructor.

● Improve and train the skills you have.

● Learn your new skills well.

While these rules may seem formal, they help to instill a sense of respect and discipline necessary in a sport or art which may, if taken lightly, be dangerous.

Thank You




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